How “Strength Circuits” Can Help You Get A Lean & Fit Body With 30-Minute Workouts
Hi, I’m Marc Perry.

I’m the founder of BuiltLean and a former overweight finance analyst turned body transformation expert. 

At 36 years old, I’ve never felt better in my entire life. And my body continues to improve.
Here’s a photo I took a couple of weeks ago:
What’s my secret?

It’s my lifestyle and eating approach combined with the most brutally effective workout method I know - Strength Circuits.

I’ve been blown away by the effectiveness of this method. 
I Used To Spend Hours In The Gym And Get No Results
When I first started my finance career, I ended up gaining over 30 pounds of fat.

When I saw 200 pounds on the scale, I knew I had to make a change.

I started working out like crazy. I mean 6 days a week for at least 60 to 90 minutes.

I was strength training 3 days a week targeting 1-2 muscle groups each workout, then doing long & boring cardio on the other days.

What happened?

I was tired and sore all the time, and I had trouble keeping up with my demanding job. Even worse, I got almost no results. It was terrible.
I had to find another way to get much better results in much less time.
With “Strength Circuits” I Got 2x Better Results In Less Than HALF The Time 
After a lot of experimentation and research, I asked myself an empowering question that changed my life forever:

“How can I create a workout that helps me get much better results in less time?”

Well first, I would combine the best strength training exercises into a circuit.

So instead of doing bench press while resting 2-3 minutes in between each set, I could create a timed circuit of exercises and rest just 30-seconds between each.

I would make sure these exercises trained my entire body - as in all my muscle groups - in every workout instead of just 1-2 muscle groups.

I would burn a lot more calories and fat, right?

I would also improve my strength even faster because I’m hitting all muscle groups 3x a week instead of just once. I wouldn’t be sore all the time and I would feel limber and more athletic.

I did Strength Circuits just 3x a week for 30-minutes each workout to dramatically transform my body.

Fast forward 10 years, and I’ve refined and improved this strength circuits method so I now have it down to a science.
Workout Method Comparison
Strength Circuits Workout Anatomy
BuiltLean® Workout-On-Demand
Enjoy 10 Amazing Strength Circuit Workout Videos You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere
Whether you love working out at the gym, or at home, or you do a lot of traveling, you can do these workout videos anywhere.

They are accessible on your mobile phone, all you need is an internet connection.

Because every workout is full body, you can easily create your own workout plan by choosing a few workouts to complete each month. That’s it!

And each workout can easily be customized based on your own fitness level simply by modifying each exercise.

The Viper Workout alternates between lower and upper body exercises to hit the sweet spot of both strength, cardiovascular, and fat-burning benefits.

The Falcon Workout helps balance your body with strategically placed exercises. While your core is emphasized, all of your muscles will feel amazing when this workout is done.

The Blade Workout is perfect if you want your abs to pop and become more defined. It's a dynamic workout that hits your abs hard while pushing your cardio endurance to the max.

….and we have 7 more workouts that will help you burn more body fat to get a more leaner and athletic body.
Get 1 NEW Workout Video Every Month
Every month, you will gain access to 1 new workout video to help you keep your workout routine fresh and build excitement and joy for staying in great shape.
Get Coached By Marc Perry Step-By-Step In Every Video
I’m right along there with you working out and coaching you every step of the way.

You are not alone. I’m there with you helping motivate you so you can get the best results possible in the least amount of time.
Here’s What People Are Saying
Here Are Just A Few Guys Who’ve Gotten Awesome Results With BuiltLean® Strength Circuits
So How Much Does BuiltLean® Workout-On-Demand Cost?
If you hire a trainer for $70 per session 3x a week, it costs you $840/month.  You also have to set up an appointment, which may not work with your schedule.  

Following my workout videos, I can train you through an entire workout for a fraction of the cost and you can do the workouts anytime and anywhere.

Access to all 10 workout videos and a new workout video every month is just $39.99/month, which is less than the average gym membership.

You can cancel at anytime. You are not locked into anything.
Just $39/month
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t love the videos, just send my team a quick note in the first 30-days and we will gladly refund your money. I stand behind the effectiveness of these workouts and I know you will love getting coached through each workout.
As A Special Bonus, You Get Free Access To My Exercise Form Mastery Course 
In this 5-video course, I teach you how to bulletproof your shoulders, how to lift heavy weights without hurting your back, how to squat with perfect form, how to dramatically increase abs & core strength, and more. You'll learn more about strength training than you ever have before.  This is a $49 value.
Can You Really Give Up These Benefits?
Burn More Fat

Get Stronger 

Get A Balanced & Athletic Body 

Build More Endurance 

Decrease Risk Of Injury 
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long is each workout?
Exactly 30-minutes, which includes the warm up, strength circuits, and cool down.

2. What equipment do I need? 
Most workouts require a pair of dumbbells. A few require a pull up bar, but we offer substitution exercises.

3. Can I do these workouts at the gym or at home? 
Absolutely. About half of our customers use the gym and half at home.

4. Are these workouts going to be customized for me?  
Marc gives customization ideas based on the exercise. Based on the amount of weight you use and the exercise variation, the workouts can challenge a top professional athlete or a weekend warrior.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of fitness, as long as you do not have any pain, you can give these workouts a try and get great results. Just check in with your doctor before making any changes to your exercise routine.

5. How many workouts do I get? 
You get started with 10 awesome workouts, then you get 1 new workout video every month.

6. I have an injury, can I still do these workouts? 
If you are in pain, you should get healed up and get your doctor’s approval before starting an exercise plan. With that said, it’s worth taking advantage of this special offer right now.

7. Why can’t I just follow workout videos for free on Youtube? 
You certainly can do that if you like random workouts, some of which may not be good for your body. But in life, you usually get what you pay for. If you want a system that is proven to help you get a leaner, more functionally fit body, BuiltLean Strength Circuits are battle tested. In addition, the only way to get coached directly by Marc Perry is through these videos.
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